Birmingham: The German Christmas Market

Revlon Cream Blush Collection

Hi guys! 

I've been OBSESSED with my Revlon cream blush recently! It is the only blush I am wearing at the moment and so I thought it would be a really fun idea if I bought the other two colours in the collection as well and compared them against each other! 

Pintrest Beauty: Autumn Makeup Favourites

Berry lips, glittery eyes and dark palettes. Brace yourself, Autumn is coming!

(found on

Berry looks are VERY in right now. Autumn just screams to pick up dark reds and purples from your palette. I love how the dramatic lipstick is paired with surrounding very natural makeup as it draws more attention to the shade of the lips.

Vintage Tutorial: Shailene Woodley Makeup

Hi guys! 

I've been thinking it might be a cool idea if I were to have a segment that ran every week on this blog and so I was trying to decide what segment that should be on. I thought that I love vintage makeup and hair and so I would do a tutorial on a vintage look every Friday to show what tips I've picked up over the years.

This look is actually also a Shailene Woodley tutorial, so if you enjoy it please remember to share it and comment down below!

Vashi: High-end Jewellery

As the Christmas period is approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about an online diamond specialist store (perfect for high end presents!) I have become aware of through Twitter. 

I was contacted by a lovely employee from the press office of Vashi to go to a event the company is holding, but as I live in Birmingham now and the event is in London, we thought it would be nice if I wrote about the products instead - because who doesn't love diamonds? 

Note: all views in the post are completely my own and I have been truthful in my views.

Wishlist #2



November Drugstore Makeup Haul

Hi guys,

I was really bored the other day and I was already forming a makeup wishlist on the notes in my phone so I decided to quickly pop down to the Superdrug near my flat and have a bit of a shopping spree! 

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